Mini Rune Oracle Decks

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*Prices may fluctuate by a few cents due to changes in base prices of which MPC doesn’t notify me when it changes…

“Oh how wonderfully exciting. I have just processed the order now. The kids are learning all about Norse Mythology at the moment and are so excited to have their own set of cards to learn the symbols and at that size… perfect.

Thanks so much for being so accommodating and for making such pretty cards.”

Customer Feedback
Micro, Small, Germanic, Viking, Norse, Oracle, Spiritual, Divination, Script, Travel, All Natural Spirit, Rune, Elder Futhark, Runes, Mini, Card, Deck, Oracle, Bind, Rune, Cards, Make Playing Cards

Elder Futhark

*Prices may fluctuate by a few cents

Younger Futhark, Mini, Oracle, Deck, Overview, Cards, Scandinavian, Danish, Futhork, 16 letters, Make Playing Cards

Younger Futhark

*Prices may fluctuate by a few cents

Anglo, Saxon, Futhorc, Mini, Oracle, Deck, Cards, Rune, Runes, Frisian, Old, English, Make Playing Cards, 33 letters

Anglo-Saxon Futhorc

*Prices may fluctuate by a few cents

Runic Evolution & Linguistic History: The Origin Of The Germanic Runes & Universal Rune Sets, Kindle Edition, Amazon, All Natural Spirit

Runic Evolution & Linguistic History

“Well researched interesting from an historical archaeological perspective I wish there had been some divinitory aspects to the runes included as the the author obviously has alot of knowledge on the subject and I like the authors encouraging style of writing”

1st review Amazon by Bruno, Runic Evolution & Linguistic History Book

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