Critical Review of the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc: An Historically Accurate Universal Rune Set

23 September 2019, 09h50:

Spring Equinox for the Southern Hemisphere

Today is the spring equinox – where we experience the same number of daylight hours and night time hours in both the Southern and Northern Hemispheres.

This spring equinox edition follows on both my Evolution of the Runic Alphabets and Critical Review of the Elder Futhark: An Historically Accurate Universal Rune Set. Spring is aligned with the element of earth from which new life sprouts and that which has already established continues to expand and grow. We notice that older established plants provide shelter and shade for new life, including animals and other plants. We also observe that older animals teach their young how to survive and where the best places for food and shelter are. In this context we see the expansion of the Elder Futhark into the related Anglo-Saxon Futhorc. Thus, for this spring equinox I will discuss the sister system of the Elder Futhark runic alphabet, the Anglo-Saxon (or Anglo Frisian) Futhorc.

The runic alphabets have become a prominent feature on my blog and my designs, mostly due to my fascination with this ancient writing script and how it can be utilized to gain wisdoms from the depth of our own souls.

I have written an critical review of the Elder Futhark as well as discussing the flow of the runic languages from both an historic and linguistic perspective. During my extensive research into the subject I have read countless literary works in an attempt to determine both the original form of the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc as well as creating a standardized and universal set of runes. I have listed the most informative references I discovered during my research. My research has subsequently been converted into an Anglo-Saxon Futhorc Mini Oracle deck available for purchase from my MPC online store.

Here, I would like to focus on my research process for the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc and how I came to choose the letter, rune script and meanings for each based on the most prominent and trustworthy information from hard-to-find expert runologist and runology sources. I will group the discussions around the potential origin of the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc, the basic alphabet structure and the sorting of conflicting rune meanings as well as the diversity of runic symbols.

Anglo-Saxon Runes

  • Second Oldest Runic Alphabet (400-1100 AD)
  • Derived from the Older Elder Futhark
  • Writing System for the Anglo-Saxon dialects (Anglo-Frisian, Old Saxon, Old Frisian and Old English)
  • A set of 33 letters
  • Anglo-Saxon or Anglo-Frisian Poem (8-9th century) as reference point for the letters and their potential meanings.
Abecedarium anguliscum, Anglo-Saxon, Anglo, Frisian, Runes, Viking, Germanic
The Anglo-Saxon futhorc (abecedarium anguliscum) as presented in Codex Sangallensis 878 (9th century). From Wikipedia

Anglo-Saxon Futhorc Origin and Expansion

The sister language and/or linguistic influence of the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc is the Elder Futhark, which is a Proto Germanic/Norse runic alphabet. The Elder Futhark (400 – 800 AD) existed prior to the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc and both co-existed for some time (300 years). During this time; new languages arose between the tribes, such as Anglo-Frisian, Old Saxon, Old Frisian and Old English… Read more in my Runic Evolution & Linguistic History eBook! Available for pre-order (publishing 03 July 2020) for Tablets, Smartphones, Kindle and KDP Select @ Amazon! Please note that the eBook will NOT be made available for free.

Runic Evolution & Linguistic History

Anglo-Saxon Futhorc – Free Content

After working through the runic literature I have created the following table below, it represents the most common Anglo-Saxon writing and name, the English transliteration as well as a comparison with the original Elder Futhark associated with of the letters.

Younger Futhark Rune Symbols Names Transliterations and Meanings Table

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Anglo Saxon Futhorc Rune Symbols Names Transliterations and Meanings Table
PDF Version to go along with the Deck

The table above can be used in conjunction with my Anglo-Saxon Mini Oracle Deck, which is representative of the most accurate and universal Anglo-Saxon alphabet and can be purchased from Make Playing Cards!

Anglo, Saxon, Futhorc, Mini, Oracle, Deck, Cards, Rune, Runes, Frisian, Old, English, Make Playing Cards, 33 letters
Anglo Saxon Futhorc Mini Oracle Deck

“Oh how wonderfully exciting. I have just processed the order now. The kids are learning all about Norse Mythology at the moment and are so excited to have their own set of cards to learn the symbols and at that size… perfect.

Thanks so much for being so accommodating and for making such pretty cards.” – Elder Futhark Mini Deck

Customer Feedback
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Elder Futhark Mini Oracle Deck Sample

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