The Evolution of the Runic Alphabets: Elder Futhark, Anglo-Saxon Futhorc, and Younger Futhark Runes

23 September 2018, 03h45:

Spring Equinox for the Southern Hemisphere

Today is the spring equinox – it is the day of the year where the hours of darkness and daylight are equal for both the Southern and Northern Hemispheres. Southern countries witness a spectacular display of renewal and rebirth, sprouting forth from the foundation of the previous season’s growth or from life preserved as last year’s seeds.

I am going to do something a bit different for this year’s Spring equinox, however keeping with the overall alignment of Spring with the element of Earth. I am going to take you back to a time during which we see the development of speech and writing, where scripts were carved into stone. Here we honour the lasting remnants of our ancestors and our roots as we take a trip back into time. I am specifically touching upon the emergence of scripts within the Germanic tribes (my ancestors by a few thousand years LOL!). I will be discussing the Evolution of the Runic Alphabets under changing linguistics with the focus on our Current Knowledge about the Elder Futhark, Anglo-Saxon Futhorc and Younger Futhark (Futhork). Thus, this leads to the main theme of today’s article:

I have been researching the Elder Futhark extensively for the last few years and I have created a Mini Oracle deck based on this research as well as a Bindrune Oracle. My biggest reason for delving into the literature was that the Runic Alphabets lack standardisation, mostly due to the way in which each originated from the predecessor and several influences from the Roman language and its scriptures. For instance, when you simply type ‘Runes’ into a search engine you would find contradictions between the available sets – all of which are denoted as the ‘correct’ version. Doubting many of these sources, I began pulling information from more credible expert sources, specifically those from scholarly Runologists (not just the new age books).

Because of the vast amount of research that went into elucidating each of the rune sets, I have decided to divide the information into 4 articles:

Spring Equinox 2018: The Overview of the Runic Alphabet Evolution

An article for each set: The Elder Futhark, Anglo-Saxon Futhorc and Younger Futhark, where I can explain the differences and similarities of each, and how one informs the other.

My main aim was to create a trust-worthy, ‘universal’ representative of each of the Runic Alphabets, backed-up by proper research that can be used as divinatory tools. In these articles I want to illustrate the linguistic flow of the runes and how that gave rise to the other systems as well as explaining the potential discrepancies between available literatures. This was quite an undertaking – I remember being thoroughly confused at the discombobulated state of Runic literature and I went through heaps of literature to find the handful of informative ones I used for the reconstructions. I believe that I have managed to create a standard set of runes for each of the Elder Futhark, Anglo-Saxon Futhorc and Younger Futhork with justification for some of the rune scripts favoured above others as per scholarly debate. (BTW: These runes sets I have made available as Mini Oracle Decks from my MakePlayingCards Online Shop!) Thus, we will start with the overview of how the systems originated and co-evolved from the most primitive of languages… Read more in my Runic Evolution & Linguistic History eBook! Available for pre-order (publishing 03 July 2020) for Tablets, Smartphones, Kindle and KDP Select @ Amazon! Please note that the eBook will NOT be made available for free.

Runic Evolution & Linguistic History: The Origin Of The Germanic Runes & Universal Rune Sets, Kindle Edition, Amazon, All Natural Spirit

Runic Evolution & Linguistic History

“Well researched interesting from an historical archaeological perspective I wish there had been some divinitory aspects to the runes included as the the author obviously has alot of knowledge on the subject and I like the authors encouraging style of writing”

1st review Amazon by Bruno, Runic Evolution & Linguistic History Book

The Elder Futhark, Younger Futhark and Anglo-Saxon Futhorc rune names, rune symbols and rune meaning tables provided in the book above (with links to free downloads!) can be used in conjunction with my Mini Oracle Decks, which is representative of the most accurate and universal alphabet. Can be purchased from Make Playing Cards!

New Elder Futhark Book & Deck!

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