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Here I provide links to free downloadable content from external sources as well as files I created myself.

Free Digital Content (Internal)

Crystal, Spirit Animal and Herbal Oracle Cards (printable PDF cards)

Internal Links

Free Oracle Cards of 2017 by All Natural Spirit PDF Pack:

Crystal, Identification, Chart, Names, Raw, Points, All Natural Spirit, RedBubble, Art, Watercolour, Birthstones, Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald, Citrine, Garnet, Peridot, Amethyst, Topaz, Aquamarine, Ruby, Gemstones
Crystal Identification Chart
by All Natural Spirit from RedBubble

Free Oracle Cards of 2018 by All Natural Spirit:

Free Art Wallpapers

Free Crystal Grids

Celestial Bindrune Sigils, Elder, Futhark, bindrune, Anglo, Saxon, Frisian, Viking, Norse, Germanic, Scandinavian, Divination, Oracle, Deck, Cards, Metaphysician, Toolbox, Magick, Galdur, Budget Option, Bind, Rune, Make Playing Cards, All Natural Spirit
Celestial Rune Sigils – The Metaphysician’s Toolbox. Elder Futhark Bindrune Oracle Budget Deck available from

Free Digital Content (External)

  • Free Oracle Card Decks

External Link: Waterdrop and Botanical Oracle @ Points of Five TarotNo longer available

External Link: Intuition Oracle @ ZennedOut Jewelry (Newsletter Signup)

External Link: Mini Moon Phase Oracle @ Spirit de la Lune (Newsletter Signup)

  • Crystal Grids (Seed of Life printable PDF templates of various configurations)

External Link: Crystal Grid TemplatesNo Longer Available Please see my post for free downloadable crystal grids

Micro, Small, Germanic, Viking, Norse, Oracle, Spiritual, Divination, Script, Travel, All Natural Spirit, Rune, Elder Futhark, Runes, Mini, Card, Deck, Oracle, Bind, Rune, Cards, Make Playing Cards
Elder Futhark Mini Oracle Deck available from
  • Tarot Books

External Links

A. E. Waite. The Pictorial Key to the Tarot. 1911

List of Public Domain Tarot Books, by Benebell Wen

Please feel free to share & care any comments or questions!

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