Crystal Clairvoyance 1: The 10 Stone Healing Method Book


*Another book published dance* … Yippee! As promised I have another book written just for you! This time we take a look at crystal healing and a crystal healing technique of my own design! Thus, in celebration of the Spring equinox, lets take a look at what the book has to offer.

About the Book

Here within a crystal healing technique that is designed to be used at home with the least amount of crystals, yet is an holistic and effective system for stress management and improving well-being!

At a glance, this book provides the following:

  1. Easy-to-use information with no expert crystal healing knowledge required
  2. Discusses how to combine the crystals with their associated chakras
  3. Contains 10 different crystals, each with an unique full colour artwork
  4. Includes the chemical, physical and metaphysical properties of the crystals as well as care instructions and substitutes
  5. The 10 crystal covered: Jasper, Carnelian, Tiger Eye, Rose Quartz, Malachite, Sodalite, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Obsidian and Tourmalinated Quartz

Crystals are as wonderfully fascinating from a spiritual perspective as they are from an aesthetic and geological perspective – especially the ability of crystals to facilitate healing without the use of modern medicine by harnessing the body’s innate healing abilities. I have spent several years studying crystal healing, even obtaining a diploma, in a quest to find ways to intuitively use crystals and distill that into healing methods that can easily be used at home by anyone.

During this research I have explored various concepts surrounding crystal healing and how they may be applied to more modern spirituality and alternate medicine. During these experimentations I created the 10 Stone Healing Method, which utilizes 10 crystals and the chakras. This system is introduced in Crystal Clairvoyance I.

We start our journey with a discussion of Crystals, Crystal Healing and the Chakras to provide some background information. After which I outline the logic being the 10 Stone Method for Holistic Healing and how to apply this method for crystal healing. We then discuss each of the 10 stones in turn, which includes their minerology, occurrence, metaphysical properties, crystal care, and substitutes. I conclude the booklet with an overview table that includes a summary about each of these gemstones.

I appreciate any feedback, comments and/or reviews about this book as I am constantly striving to improve on the system and to make it relatable to all my fellow crystal healing enthusiasts!

amethyst, crystal healing, gemstone therapy, women's health, self help, at home, how to, easy, DIY, technique, method, all natural spirit
amethyst, crystal healing, gemstone therapy, women's health, self help, at home, how to, easy, DIY, technique, method, all natural spirit

Crystal Clairvoyance 1: The 10 Stone Healing Method

Crystal Clairvoyance Notebooks

In addition to the crystal healing guidebook, I am going to publish the full set of crystal artworks in the book as notebooks (10 crystals = 10 notebooks). These are college wide feint lined notebooks with crystal line art in the margins for you to doodle and colour as well!

You can use the notebooks to record your crystal healing journey or to simply have a crystal themed notebook for daily ideas and to-dos.

Other Free Crystal Resources

I have an ongoing set of free resources for crystals, such as Oracle cards (including some prototypes of the crystal profiles in Crystal Clairvoyance 1), Crystal grids (and upcoming crystal infographics!).

Free Crystal Oracle Cards (Book samples):

Free Crystal Grids:

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