eBook Launch: Runic Evolution and Linguistic History

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I am very exited to announce that I have published my first Book ever! I managed to give myself a kick-in-the-pants and got it done. Additionally, there is another one already in the pipeline! So without further ado let me introduce to you the ‘Runic Evolution & Linguistic History’ eBook available from Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing! It has already gotten orders and featured on the Top 50 Amazon Best Sellers in Divination with Runes!

About the Book

Runic Evolution & Linguistic History: The Origin Of The Germanic Runes & Universal Rune Sets, Kindle Edition, Amazon, All Natural Spirit
Runic Evolution & Linguistic History Amazon Kindle Edition

The Elder Futhark, Younger Futhark and Anglo-Saxon Futhorc are some of the most ancient writing scripts and collectively represent the runic alphabets of Germanic decent.

In this book we explore the obscure and fascinating origins of these alphabets. We also observe how they evolved over time and their linguistic evolution due to influences from other languages. I also provide an overview for each set of runes (Elder Futhark, Younger Futhark and Anglo-Saxon Futhorc), which includes how I came to derive an historically accurate and universal rune set for each based on expert sources. The rune sets include the linguistically accurate letters, names and English transliterations. Even though I do not cover rune divination, I do discuss the context of rune magic from a historic perspective. Thus, this is not a divinatory book, but rather a historical reference to supplement both the metaphysical practitioners’ and amateur runologists’ knowledge and understanding of the runes.

“Well researched interesting from an historical archaeological perspective I wish there had been some divinitory aspects to the runes included as the the author obviously has alot of knowledge on the subject and I like the authors encouraging style of writing.”

Amazon UK Review by Bruno, Runic Evolution & Linguistic History Book

Why a Book?

I have been researching and writing about the runes for years now and the information was scattered all around my blog. So I decided to consolidate all of the information into one easy to find place for quick reference.

Additionally, I have other research and creative endeavours regarding the runes that I have not published on my blog which I am systematically going to convert into more books. I have about 4 books in mind for the rune series. The ‘Runic Evolution and Linguistic History’ makes up one of the four, which I am likely to follow up soon with my Celestial Rune Sigils Book (i.e., about the Elder Futhark Bindrunes). Presently, the Celestial Rune Sigils are in a guidebook on my computer which I email to customers who have ordered the accompanying CRS oracle deck. It contains such great content, but I feel it is mostly going to waste sitting in my digital archive. Thus, I have decided that converting it to an book would be an ideal way to get the information out into the world!

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Celestial Rune Sigils Deck – The Metaphysician’s Toolbox

After which I want to write two more books, one specifically based on my own intuitive meanings for the Elder Futhark (with some additional metaphysical systems integrated into the runes) and the other would be focused around Rune Magick. This means that book 1 is an historic reference with the other 3 being divinatory follow-ups based on that historic context.

Companions to the Book

I have also written the book with my mini oracle decks in mind. This means that I have included information about my oracle decks in the book, i.e., why I chose to represent the letter, name and Engilsh alphabet designs on my oracle cards as well as including tables with additional information on what the runes may represent.

Elder Futhark, Cards, Real Life, Photo, stone, crystal, book, smartphone, Germanic, Viking, Norse, Oracle, Spiritual, Divination, Script, Travel, All Natural Spirit, Rune, Elder Futhark, Runes, Mini, Card, Deck, Oracle, Bind, Rune, Cards, Make Playing Cards
Elder Futhark Mini Oracle Deck Sample

These oracle decks are available on my MakePlayingCards online store and they would make great companion(s) to the book. The Mini Oracle Deck prices may fluctuate by a few cents due to changes in base prices of which MPC doesn’t notify me when it changes… but I do check in regularly to make sure that they remain around their original prices.

Final Thoughts

I must say that Kindle Direct Publishing makes it so easy to self publish a book! I have also placed the book into KDP Select which opens it up to Kindle Unlimited and the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. Here I am more interested in getting it into the library and to a broader reader base – I am NOT going to make the eBook free. I have other free content on the blog already. This means that all related content of the book contained in blog posts have been reduced to 10% of their original content, however they still provide their free downloadable rune tables!

I was a bit nervous when the book went into review, especially with a few of the images being public domain content (since how am I suppose to generate my own photos of manuscripts and runestones that are located half way around the world?). But Amazon gave me feedback within a few hours and requested that I provide the URLs for the public domain images in order to confirm their licenses, after which the eBook was approved for publishing!

Alright, I need to get back to working on the Elder Futhark Bindrunes book LOL! Keep your eyes peeled for its launch!


All Natural Spirit

One Year Update – Black & White Paperback

The Black and White version of the Runic Evolution & Linguistic History (Black & White Version): The Origin Of The Germanic Runes & Universal Rune Sets is now available at Amazon!

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