Elder Futhark Arcanum: An Intuitive Interpretation of Rune Meanings


Woohoo! I finally completed this book, and in record time might I add 😎. Phew, this book was quite a challenge to complete, but I decided to sit myself down and get it done! I am very happy with the result and I am certain that it’ll make a great contribution to the runic body of knowledge. So without further ado lets get to the juicy stuff! LOL!

About the Book

Are you an open-minded spiritual practitioner? A seeker of truth and knowledge? Someone who is willing to discuss alternate perspectives? Then this book is for you.

Here within is my attempt at finding the truth behind the purpose and origin of the Elder Futhark as well as intuitively deciphering their somewhat obscure meanings.

At a glance this book provides:

  • Discussion on how runes became a language used for divination
  • Modern meaning interpretations for each rune
  • Abstract geometric artwork for each rune
  • Additional western alchemical and astronomical associations for each rune
  • Several overview tables and references

In this context, this book does not discuss the traditional meanings or interpretations of the runes, but rather more modern outlooks and perspectives on each. Instead of adding more content to already confusing and conflicting traditional/conventional meanings – I have opted for the opposite, to simplify rather than complicate. I have tried to distill the core of each rune through my studies into their history, linguistics and metaphysics in order to make clear delineations between the runes. Thus, brief mentions are made to traditional meanings in favour of more discussion around the transference of the runes into our daily lives with reference to more familiar circumstances and challenges.

I am quite partial to the metaphysical symbolism of animals, plants and objects, thus this book includes plenty representations form the animal kingdom as well as everyday objects and some minor contributions from herbology. I have tried to keep to the mythology related to the Germanic tribes and to the everyday references of people living in Iron Age Europe. Therefore, some of my interpretations are similar to their traditional counterparts, but the majority of them have been cast anew.

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Elder Futhark Arcanum: An Intuitive Interpretation of Rune Meanings
books, ebook , kindle, amazon, runes, meanings, interpretation, fehu, ehwaz, ingwaz, elder futhark, all natural spirit

Elder Futhark Arcanum Book

The Elder Futhark Arcanum is twice the length (in words) and has twice as many pictures than the Celestial Rune Sigils (which is an Amazon Top 50 Bestseller AND has a rating of 4.5+). Also I have placed it as the 3rd book in the rune series – which is likely a bit topsy-turvy considering that it should be the second, but if it wasn’t for the bindrunes I created in CRS I would not have had the in-depth understanding in order to write Arcanum. So I thought it more apt to leave CRS as the 2nd and Arcanum as the 3rd book in the series.

There is one more book I would like to add here – but this one is not going to come out anytime soon as I am not going to make such as a push for it as I did with Arcanum (so keep your eyes peeled 👀 for more in the future!).

I am going to take a bit of a break from writing books for a bit and then I think I’m going to move onto my Crystal Healing series… anyways, I digress. The Elder Futhark Arcanum also comes with its own Deck! Additionally, I designed the book pictures and deck separately in order to each set of images to be more suited to their respective formats.

About the Deck

A reimagining of the Elder Futhark Runes, including modern interpretations and abstract geometric imagery. Its symbolism was inspired by the natural surroundings and life histories of the people during that time. To preserve historical authenticity the set contains Proto-Norse writing, with Proto-Germanic names and English transliterations. 100% hand created cards using digital wizardry!

Two options to choose from:

  1. Elder Futhark Arcanum Deck with black velvet bag @ USD $18.05
  2. Elder Futhark Arcanum Cards Only (shrink wrap) @ USD $14.95

About the Art

I have created print-on-demand products for all the art featured in the book! You can find them on my Redbubble Store! These include T-shirts, bags, mugs, posters, books, masks and more!

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