Music for Mediation, Study and Work: All Natural Spirit YouTube Playlists

Soothe the restless mind

I have decided to start an YouTube channel for All Natural Spirit with the specific aim to bring you my playlists for meditation music.

I have found that listening to music during meditation can be very beneficial to your practise, especially when you breathe rhythmically according to the beat of the music. This settles the mind and aids in focussing on your breath whilst giving your floating attention something to attach to during meditation. Free floating attention is the part of your attention reserved by your brain, which remains alert to predators – this is helpful lest you be pounced on by a lion, but not so much when concentration is required. This is also part of the attention span that aids the ‘monkey mind’ to be restless during meditation with daydreaming and thinking about your to-do lists … therefore, giving it some music to listen to soothes the restless beast so to speak 🤭.

I have over the years collected a bunch of music that I use for this purpose. I often listen to these songs when working or studying as well since they are not distracting and allows me to focus on the task at hand. It is quite a challenge to find meditative music that does not irritate me after a while as I am very sensitive to external stimuli such as lights and sounds – so I hope that my music collection will be as relaxing to you as they are to me. I am also separating the playlists based on their uses (such as shamanic chants for healing) and those more suited to studying/working (like those created by Adrian von Ziegler).

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Hence, I have opened the channel to create a set of playlists containing these songs, ambience and music to be easily accessible to both myself and for you!

Thus, I invite you to join me on my YouTube channel – I am planning on adding new music to these lists when I find them as well as creating more topic-based lists; so feel free to subscribe and turn on the notifications. 🥰

Additionally, these playlist contain the original videos by the artists themselves to that all premium proceeds/ad revenue may go to them. I am also making an effort to find great indie and/or unknown artists – so watch this space!

Playlists so far

Here is a list of playlists, their music duration and description. I will likely update the content below as I collect new songs for new playlists.

Please feel free to share & care any comments or questions!

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