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I specialise in metaphysical research which includes multiple references such as historical, expert, academic and esoteric sources. I am currently in the process (likely taking a few years LOL!) of writing up my research in the form of eBooks and Paperbacks made available on Amazon and Kindle!

I am a pathfinder, always setting onto unknown roads and discovering new perspectives. The knowledge I gain through my adventures allows me to create new systems and innovate existing ones. I am a published scientist in the life sciences with several peer-reviewed academic journals. My scientific mind lends the discipline and structure to pursue my metaphysical projects. I am also a certified Crystal Healing Practitioner with the Sunshine Academy of Metaphysics. I created All Natural Spirit as the public persona of my spiritual identity, because as a scientist; I question the conservative and rigid thinking of modern day materialism and the close-minded dogma of academia.

I believe in open-source information as well as disseminating complex scholarly or scientific studies to the public by making it more relatable to a wider audience.


Runic Evolution & Linguistic History: The Origin Of The Germanic Runes & Universal Rune Sets, Kindle Edition, Amazon, All Natural Spirit

Runic Evolution & Linguistic History

Celestial Rune Sigils, Elder Futhark, BindRunes, Kindle, All Natural Spirit, ebook, paperback, celestial rune sigils

Celestial Rune Sigils – Elder Futhark Bind runes

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Elder Futhark Arcanum Book


“Very different perspective of the runes loved the different meanings keywords given to the runes used by the author I found them and the book to be quite spiritual it was certainly food for thought re designing my own bindrunes it was well written and enhanced my knowledge helping me look at the runes with fresh eyes I like the fact the elemental symbols were also used I’d also buy a book if the author wrote one on divinitory meanings very enjoyable writing style”

Amazon UK Review by Bruno, Celestial Rune Sigils Book

“The book gives some brief lore surrounding Elder Futhark, as well as the 24 symbols and the author’s interpretations. The majority of it, however, is the thinking behind the creation of specific bindrunes as magical sigils used for specific purposes.

While initially it seems the book is designed to be a supplement for the sigil deck the author has also created, it gains more depth as you progress. It’s interesting to gain insight into the author’s process in their own practice. I especially liked the creation of poems to go along with each sigil, and this will be something I try to incorporate into my own bindrune practice….”

Goodreads Review by BJ, Celestial Rune Sigils Book

“This was very well organized. I was able to dive in and feel more at ease learning about runes, and bind runes designs, than I could laterally, reading through a variety of different tabs online. Thank you for making this guide.”

Goodreads Review by Megan, Celestial Rune Sigils Book

“Well researched interesting from an historical archaeological perspective I wish there had been some divinitory aspects to the runes included as the the author obviously has alot of knowledge on the subject and I like the authors encouraging style of writing.”

Amazon UK Review by Bruno, Runic Evolution & Linguistic History Book

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