Crystal Healing Infographic 2#: 5 Safest Methods to Cleanse and Charge your Crystals with Free Download


In celebration of the Equinox I have made some more free crystal resources for you to download! Here we discuss the 5 safest ways for you to charge your crystals without worrying about whether they will scratch, fade or disintegrate in the process.

Amethyst, Cluster, Generator, Collection, February, Birthstone, Sticker Set, Bujo, Witch, Wicca, Journal, Planner, Bullet Journal, Crystal Healing, Crystal
Amethyst Cluster Generator Collection | February Birthstone Sticker Set

Methods to Cleanse & Charge Crystals Infographic

Cleanse, Charge, Crystals, Infographic, All Natural Spirit, Crystal Healing, Gem Therapy, Moonlight, Herbs, Singing bowl, Feathers, smudging
Cleanse Charge Crystals Infographic All Natural Spirit
Link to Downloadable PDF below

Infographic High Res PDF Download

Other Free Crystal Resources

I have an ongoing set of free resources for crystals, such as Oracle cards (including some prototypes of the crystal profiles in Crystal Clairvoyance 1), Crystal grids (and upcoming crystal infographics!).

Free Crystal Oracle Cards (Book samples):

Free Crystal Grids:

Free Crystal Infographics:

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Please feel free to share & care any comments or questions!

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