Early Christmas Gift: The Free Oracle Cards of 2017 by All Natural Spirit

2017 Free Oracle Cards Set

Here I provide all of the free oracle cards I have created throughout 2017. There is a PDF booklet version, which you can print to any size you want.

The PDF booklet has all 9 oracle cards of 2017. It contains 3 crystals, 3 spirit animals and 3 herbal totems each on their own page. The crystals are associated with the chakras, the spirit animals with planets and the herbal totems with the elements. They all include public domain photos, but attribution is still given to the source. I also made a list of the symbols I used in the cards and gave their correspondences at the end of the document. Please attribute all cards to All Natural Spirit when you use them for personal, online purposes or for client readings. However, production and selling (for commercial purposes) of the cards is not allowed through this licence.

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Crystal Clairvoyance 1: The 10 Stone Healing Method

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PDF Booklet (high resolution, 2.36 MB)

Individual Images:

I would truly appreciate any feedback or reviews about these cards, please let me know via email (allnaturalspiritproducts@gmail.com) or leave a comment on my blog.

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Celestial Rune Sigils – The Metaphysician’s Toolbox. Elder Futhark Bindrune Oracle Cards available from https://www.makeplayingcards.com/sell/marketplace/celestial-rune-sigils-cards-only.html


Free Oracle Cards of 2018 by All Natural Spirit PDF Pack (9 cards):

-Good Vibes-

All Natural Spirit

I have a PhD in the Biological Sciences and am a certified Crystal Healing Practitioner with the Sunshine Academy of Metaphysics.

28 thoughts on “Early Christmas Gift: The Free Oracle Cards of 2017 by All Natural Spirit

    1. Hi Rita! I am happy to hear that you enjoy the cards so much! 🙂

      Unfortunately, the entire set that I have made thus far is here on the blog (included in the 2017 set and 2018 set @ https://allnaturalspirit.wordpress.com/2018/12/01/early-christmas-gift-the-free-oracle-cards-of-2018-by-all-natural-spirit/).

      I took a break from creating these as they are a lot of work. One of the many reasons why I am considering converting any future cards into collectible sets to sell on my MPC store @ https://www.makeplayingcards.com/sell/All-Natural-Spirit. I will create a blog post to notify/share the details should I have created these ‘MPC oracle card sets’ – however I have several other projects that I would like to finish up first 😉 so I am not sure when/if I’ll start on these…

      Thank you for the visit and have a Wonderful New Year!

      All Natural Spirit


    2. Hi Again!

      I am happy to announce that I’ve published a crystal healing book that features some of the crystals from this oracle series (and a few new ones!). It is now available on Amazon should you be interested.

      Crystal Clairvoyance 1: The 10 Stone Healing Method @ https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09F5Z96FH
      Paperbacks and Hardcovers to follow soon 😉

      Blessings & Keep Safe!
      All Natural Spirit


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