Weekly Meditation Mandalas Colouring Companion: 52 Mindful Pages Book

The Meditation & Mindfulness Series Herewith my introduction to a the second book in a 3 part series about meditation and mindfulness. I created this series with meditation in mind, but I didn't want to simply write another 'how to meditate book' but instead I wanted to provide some support to the meditation journey by [...]

Weekly Meditation Mandalas: 52 Mindful Messages Book and Oracle Cards

The Meditation & Mindfulness Series Herewith my introduction to a my first book in a 3 part series about meditation and mindfulness. As I mentioned in my Spring Equinox post the next three months will see the publication of all three of the books in this series. The first book is the foundation of the [...]

Inspirational Quote 3#: Quite Simplicity of The Golden Koi Fish

Momentary expressions are simply part of being presentAll Natural Spiritallnaturalspirit.wordpress.com Quite Simplicity | Golden Koi Fish Inspirational Spiritual QuotePostCard from RedBubble

Spiritual Strength and Flexibility: Silent Bamboo Product Showcase

Silent Bamboo | Japanese Brush Painting Silent Bamboo | Japanese Brush Painting A Japanese ink brush painting (known as sumi-e, suiboku or suibokuga) of the Bamboo, which is one of the Four Gentlemen. It is a noble plant due to its strength and flexibility. Suiboku is a meditative technique and hence the picture includes the [...]

Meditation Infographic #1: Visualisation Ideas

Guidance from the Past: One of my first post on All Natural Spirit!

All Natural Spirit

meditation-ideas-1-4-symbolic-visualisationsTips on How to Meditate:

4x Symbolic visualisations based on the elements to help you stay focused on your breath!

During your meditations, when you breathe in and out you can use the following visualisation to keep you focused on your breath and limit mental distractions. For instance, the Fire symbolism represents the sun and clouds. As you breath in the sun becomes blocked, as you breath out the clouds part. The Air symbolism is that of a swinging door or window. Visualise the doors swings on their hinges open-and-closed or back-and-forth as you meditate. For Earth we focus on the mountains, here your sweep up the slope as you breathe in, reaching over the peak and rushing out with the breath as we sweep downwards. The Water symbolism is my personal favourite, here you breathe in and the tide pulls back, then breath out as the tide rushes towards…

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