All Natural Spirit is about the celebration of the freedom that comes with expressing spirituality and cultivating the soul [Enya: The Humming]. There will be discussions and articles regarding the many ways and ideas surrounding this expression. Please feel free to leave comments on articles and the sharing of any ideas – this might inspire someone else to create something new in their practice.

Here, I explore the concepts of spirituality and metaphysics in a world obsessed with the material and empirical – caution controversy ahead! I have an agnostic point of view to many things, I am not religious yet am a spiritual eclectic and scientist – making me an oddity in both the metaphysical and scientific communities. Thus, I take a very open-minded, non-rigorous yet reasonable approach to spirituality.  My discussions are meant to open constructive debates and to make you see things from a different perspective. The discussions here are not to convince you of any of my personal theories or opinions, rather take what makes sense for you or apply what you like – leave the rest… It is about finding ways to express your inner being and finding that which pleases you or makes you happy, regardless of my opinion or the next person’s. Because in the end that is all that matters: the cultivation of soul – your soul [Joss Stone: Water for Your Soul].

In line with the concept of All Natural Spirit, my extended articles will likely come at the equinoxes and solstices (or when the mood takes me) and they will mostly be opinion pieces, observations, brief moments of insight, discussions or the sharing of new ways in which to celebrate spirituality. Topics will include a wide variety of fields; such as arts, music, meditation, mindfullness, philosophies such as Zen, energy healing, psychology, quantum physics, chakras, nature, aroma therapy, DIY ideas, crystals, metaphysics, mythology, creative problem solving through divinatory tools (runes, tarot, oracle cards ect.) and whatever other topics that pertain to life and the soul.

There is no rule book for the expression of spirituality or the cultivation of the soul, yet there are many guides. The purpose of this blog is to become one of them… All with the aim to enrich the spirit and cultivate the soul through creative, enjoyable (and mayhap magickal) DIY stress management practices.

“A holistic universe is necessarily a mystical system. Scientific theories, which claim that all things and people are interconnected in a non-empirical realm of the world, are necessarily mystical theories…

For some reason, in our history, worldviews have always been accompanied by threats. That is, if you didn’t believe a certain story of how the world was created by God, you were threatened to go to hell, and it isn’t too long ago, that dissidents were really put on fire. Similarly, a scientist may find herself fired out of her job in no time, when she dares to question the narrow mind frame of the contemporary sciences!”
– Ponte, D. V. and Schäfer L. 2013.

In The Moment,

All Natural Spirit

Recommended Reading:

  1. Quantum Meta-Physics by Paul Levy
  2. Setting Science Free from Materialism. Rupert Sheldrake, PhD. 2013. Explore. 9:211-218.
  3. Ponte, D. V. and Schäfer L. 2013. Carl Gustav Jung, Quantum Physics and the Spiritual Mind: A Mystical Vision of the Twenty-First Century. Behavioral sciences 3:601-618. doi:10.3390/bs3040601. Open Access

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  1. Could you email me? i have a question about the use of the element symbols in your bind rune work. In the Weapon of Light Bind rune there is a symbol representing celestial current, but the image is too small to make it out, I am curious where it derives from and if i can find the symbol somewhere else


  2. hmmm i’m thinking your book regards the uses of elements in your work, but before I spend the 5 dollars, does it depict the celestial current sign?


    1. Hi Altas Lord. Thank you for the question and feedback! Currently I use the 4 western alchemist symbols for fire, water, earth and air depending on the purpose of the bindrune.

      The celestial current is of my own design and thus there is no other reference for it and it is integral to the Weapon of Light Sigil. I do discuss each of the sigils in turn during my book as well as the purpose of the celestial current in the Weapon of Light Sigil section. However, I will make sure to update the Celestial Rune Sigils ebook and paperback with additional elaboration on the celestial current’s design inspiration and metaphysical influences. Fortunately, Amazon is quick to review changes and the updates should be available within the next week for both the ebook and paperback (https://amzn.to/3iQByyV).

      I take great care to ensure that the physical printed products of the Celestial Rune Sigil cards and/or book depictions are clear and legible, thus I would like to know whether you noticed the small celestial current symbol on one of the physical products? If so, please let me know which one as I would want to update the product image as well.
      However, if it were one of the product previews, I unfortunately cannot edit any of these…

      Thanks for the visit & take care!
      All Natural Spirit


  3. Hi hi, was just looking at your extremely interesting Celestial Rune Sigil set on MakePlayingCards.com. Interestingly, it has the full set to view, so I was curious if you could explain how the binding works? For instance, I notice Perth seems to be used next to a number of different terms, such as Examine, Elements, Logic. So my question is, how is Perth being used for different purposes across different cards? It seems like the math here would always have Perth representing e.g. chaos. Much obliged!


    1. Hi Ben! Thank you for the visit and your interest in the CRS. The Elder Futhark Runes are an ancient Germanic language that has fallen out of use centuries ago, hence when you look at the different translations by experts you would find different meanings for one word (similarly to the English language). Additionally, after studying the history of the Elder Futhark Runes, its language and its descendants I have also added my own intuitive interpretations to each of the runes (especially for BindRune purposes). Each bindrune was crafted with a very specific intent and use, which informed the interpretation of the individual runes used in the binding. My Celestial Bind Rune post discusses more of the set as well as its companion book to give more background to the set @ https://allnaturalspirit.com/2018/04/28/celestial-rune-sigils-elder-futhark-bindrune-oracle-deck-metaphysician-toolbox/. I also have a Historical Reference book that guides you through the origins of the Runes @ https://allnaturalspirit.com/2020/07/04/book-launch-runic-evolution-and-linguistic-history/


  4. Dear All Natural Spirit,
    I just came upon your MakePlayingCards store purely by chance, and was checking out some of your delightful designs… and I’m confused by something. I can only view the designs of the card back, there are no fronts. Are you only selling card back designs, and we are supposed to fill in the fronts ourselves? Or is this some sort of error on the site? I thought I’d better ask!
    Thank you, Sherlocat


    1. Hi Sherlocat, thank you for the visit and interest in my MakePlayingCards store! I can assure you that all of my cards have both front and back designs – it just wouldn’t sit right with me to publish them without both 😊 It sounds like it my be your browser? I had a similar problem a few weeks ago with another website that didn’t want to display up-close pictures and after restarting the browser it asked to be updated, which then fixed the problem – so maybe give that a try… Kind Regards, ANS


      1. Dear All Natural Spirit,
        Okay – so I just tried again using Firefox on my dad’s computer (my computer is a Chromebook so only uses Chrome). The problem still remains. Normally, when you click ‘Open Preview’ on a card deck listing, a window pops up and shows small vertical images of all of the cards in the deck, both front and back. When I click ‘Open Preview’ on the problematic ones, the window that pops up shows a large horizontal image of only one card, and only the card back image. Underneath, it says “Note: this is a digitally created image with lower resolution for you to check alignment. If your uploaded image(s) meets our minimum requirements, it will print clearly.” I believe the listings I am looking at are still in development mode.

        I’ve just gone and checked _all_ of the items in your MakePlayingCards store. The ones where the thumbnail image for the listing shows a large square descriptive splash page, those are okay! But all the ones where the thumbnail image for the listing shows a picture of a playing card back with rounded corners – all of those are still in development mode. I think you should try viewing them again yourself, but from an outsider’s perspective (by viewing them whilst being logged out of your MPC account). Then you will see what I mean.

        I hope this helps, Sherlocat


      2. Ah, I think I may know what is causing the confusion. I have both cards and card tins in my store. I see that when I view my card tins the browser tab at the top says ‘cards’ instead of ‘card box/tin’. These only display the number of cards the tin can accommodate on the description page and the preview is that of the design on the top of the tin. For instance, the card tins are the Fractal Dimensions, Metallic Mercury Fractal, Mandala Madness and so forth (i.e., all the ones displaying the default listing image with round corners). The others with square thumbnails and more information are the cards designs with full decks – although my last two tin designs are square thumbnails for some reason (i.e., Fractal Geometry Symmetry and Feather Fractal Abstract) … I don’t know why MPC does what it does sometimes but, eh, whatever. I would have liked a separate ‘space’ in the storefront for the tins – but I’ll go update the tin descriptions so that they are a bit more clear. Unfortunately, that is as much as I am able to do from my side, MPC stores do not have a lot of customisation options. Thank you for pointing it out! Kind Regards, ANS


      3. Hi All Natural Spirit,
        Ohhhh, _now_ I understand! Okay, that makes a lot more sense now, thanks for explaining. Well, when I did look at your actual card decks, I really liked their simple yet elegant designs! I adore your tin designs as well. 🙂
        I’m glad I could be of help. Also, if I want to design my own stuff in the future on MPC, now I know I can actually design tin boxes for my own decks!
        Take care, and I hope you stay safe, healthy, happy over the holidays and into the New Year! ❤

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