Aquarius Astrology Sign: The Water Bearer 20 Jan 2021 – 18 Feb 2021 | Free Downloads


I have a good collection of colouring books, one of which includes all kinds of Western and Chinese zodiac signs. Thus, I decided to colour the zodiac signs for each month and post them here as a series. My aim is to do all 12 in a stylistically similar way and then create a little booklet of them as a Christmas giveaway later this year!

I must admit that I am not that ‘into’ astrology or numerology, but I do find the pictures and correspondences for each somewhat interesting from a symbolic perspective. Anyhow, lets start off the year with Aquarius, the Water Bearer. Image downloads at end of post…

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The description in the picture reads:

Aquarius, The Water Bearer (January 20 – February 18). Air Sign.

With a love of the simple things in life, the water bearer goes through life in a quiet and unassuming manner. Art and poetry are at the heart of everything Aquarians hold dear and their intellect is often second to none allowing them to quietly achieve great things in life. Easy going and quick to make friends, this air sign can be prone to bouts of laziness and unorthodox behaviour.”

LOL – “bouts of laziness and unorthodox behaviour” don’t we all?

Garnet Crystal, 
January Birthstone, 
All Natural Spirit, 
Garnet Crystal
January Birthstone

by All Natural Spirit
from Redbubble

High Resolution Image Download

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