Weekly Meditation Mandalas Colouring Patterns: 52 Mindful Pages Book

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The Meditation & Mindfulness Series

Herewith my introduction to a the last book in a 3 part series about meditation and mindfulness.

I created this series with meditation in mind, but I didn’t want to simply write another ‘how to meditate book’ but instead I wanted to provide some support to the meditation journey by using mandalas as focus tools.

In the first book I provide some background information to meditation and what it entails. I follow with a discussion around how one would use mandalas as meditation focus tools, much like the practice of traditional sandpainting by Tibetan monks.

Afterwards the book provides 52 mandalas, one for each week of the year should you wish to use it in this way. Each mandala has its own unique design and have been placed on a colourful and abstract art background. Additionally, each mandala is accompanied by its own message that I wrote to provide you with extra assistance during meditation as you contemplate its meaning.

You can find out more information about the first two books in the series (Weekly Meditation Mandalas: 52 Mindful Messages Book & Oracle Cards & Weekly Meditation Mandalas Colouring Companion: 52 Mindful Pages) in the previous posts.

The Meditation Mandalas Colouring Book

This third book in the series contains the large, full-page black and white patterns of the meditation mandalas from the first book (sans their mindful messages) as colouring pages.

Each of the 52 mandalas are featured on their own page but not as individual mandalas as in the second book, but rather the full page pattern of the mandala in order to colour and appreciate the intricate details of each mandala. Thus, two colouring book versions are available per your preference; one with individual mandalas and the other with full-page patterns of those same mandalas. More information about the second book with the individual mandala colouring pages can be found in the previous post. This last colouring book is also available in eBook and Paperback versions for either digital or traditional colouring!

Weekly, Meditation, Mandalas, Colouring, Coloring, Mindful, Pages, Adult coloring book, Adult colouring book, stress management, art therapy, patterns

Weekly Meditation Mandalas Colouring Patterns: 52 Mindful Messages

The Weekly Meditation Mandalas Coloring Series

I have ordered the books myself from Amazon as I was curious to see the quality of the print, paper and binding. It was a bit of a wait for them to arrive and once they did literally couldn’t contain myself when I opened the packaging! I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of these books. The covers are vivid and clear, the binding is solid and the printing is crisp – I do prefer thicker paper for coloring, but unfortunately Amazon does not provide this option yet. However, it is easy to account for the thinner paper and they mostly color the same; one just has to be more mindful of not layering color or wetting the paper too much.

I also took a photo of the interior so that you can see the ‘framed’ and ‘zoomed-in’ versions of the same design (i.e., Colouring companion vs. Colouring Patterns).

I am gifting the Colouring companion, whereas I have all kinds of plans with the Colouring Patterns 😉.

The Meditation Mandalas Oracle

An oracle deck of cards is available as a companion to the first book in the series Weekly Meditation Mandalas 52 Mindful Messages, especially if you want a smaller and more travel-friendly option of the focus tools then the oracle deck is just for you!

A sample of the first 12 card in the Meditation Mandala Oracle.

The oracle cards feature all the meditation mandalas as they appear in the first book with the front of the card displaying the mindful message and the back of the card with the colourful mandala design.

A sample of the second set of 12 cards in the Meditation Mandala Oracle.

I always appreciate any feedback and/or reviews, please let me know in the comments section below (or on Amazon for the books!)

That concludes the Meditation & Mindfulness series!

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