Returning to One’s Roots: Authentic Living in Harmony with Yourself

Spring Equinox, 2020, blossoms, spring, flowers, pink

22 September 2020, 15H30:

Spring Equinox for the Southern Hemisphere

Today is the spring equinox – where we experience the same number of daylight hours and night time hours in both the Southern and Northern Hemispheres.

The season of beginnings is aligned with the element of Earth. Plants and animals have been dormant for most of winter now awaken from their slumber with new purpose. Just as the activity of plant and animals brings a flurry of new activity, many of the behaviours are repetitions of cyclic patterns and the return to the most ancient ways of living, from the roots.

In my Autumn Equinox post in March, I alluded to the fact that All Natural Spirit was setting new sails and turning towards an alternate path that will hopefully lead to new shores.

The deep roots never doubt spring will come, Marty Rubin, Spring, Quote, flowers

During the winter months I have been realigning All Natural Spirit’s identity with one that resonates with me more – that of the Arcane Scholar and Spiritual Illustrator. With this change I have also launched several new books via Amazon KDP, a self-publishing portal on which my books have been marvellously well received!

The opportunity to self-publish my own books has open a proverbial new world to me. I have always enjoyed writing and it is one of my oldest friends (and most well developed skills LOL!). My love for writing and sharing knowledge is the reason why I run blogs (this one is one of three) – however, as enjoyable as the blogs are for my spiritual and personal musings they don’t quite serve the same purpose as a book does.

Writing a book provides both more structure and freedom. I can write extensively about a topic and keep all of the text, images and references in once concise place – whereas on the blog things then to get too long for posts and posts about a topic become scattered around the blog making it tedious to find or to keep the topic together.

I want to do something splendid, something heroic or wonderful that won't be forgotten after I'm dead, I think I shall write books, Quote, flowers, Lo

Thus, I have decided that smaller writing projects (2000 words max) will be featured on the blog, including free giveaways per usual 😊 Larger projects and topic based writing will go into books (6000 words max), which I can also organise into book series should I decide to write more on a particular topic, such as the Runes.

On that note, I would like to provide a quick summary of some of the book ideas I have in mind and which books to be on the lookout for in the next few months. I have already lined up 3 books, one for each of the remaining months of 2020!

The main categories and book concepts below:


This book series will be a collection of my scholarly research and spiritual insights about the Runes. I have already written and published the first 2 books. The Runic History is available in eBook, whereas the Celestial BindRune Sigils is available in both eBook and Paperback from Amazon (links below). Most of these books are likely to feature corresponding oracle decks featured on MakePlayingCards (links below).

I am in the process of writing the 3rd book in this series, it needs a bit more illustrations and a good deal of writing but it is likely to be the next book to make its debut after the Meditation Mandalas somewhere in 2021. The 4th book exists in my head at the moment as an idea only LOL!

altar, wiccan, paint, crystals, candle, perfume, book, herbs, trinkets, box, vanity, pagan, witch


  1. Runic History
  2. Celestial BindRune Sigils
  3. [Elder Futhark Divinatory Meanings] – Coming Soon, 2021!
  4. [Rune Magick] – Coming Later, 2021/2022?

Oracle Decks

  1. Elder Futhark Mini Oracle
  2. Anglo-Saxon Mini Oracle
  3. Younger Futhark Mini Oracle
  4. Celestial BindRunes Cards Only
  5. Celestial BindRunes Budget Deck
  6. Celestial BindRunes Standard Deck
  7. [Elder Futhark Divinatory Meanings] – Coming Soon, 2021!
  8. [Rune Magick] – Coming Later, 2021/2022?

Meditation & Mindfulness

I started this project as a deck of Mandalas Oracles last year. I didn’t finish it until this month because I was lacking in inspiration for it. Usually I would set a project aside and rotate through some of the others I have when I find myself stuck. I very rarely start and finish a project in one go, it is likely one of the reasons why my projects take years to finish as I only work on them when the muses are joining in on them! LOL!

In the mean time I have finished the deck, converted it into a book and decided to create two additional colouring books based on the designs. A post featuring the Meditation Mandalas will go out as soon as the first book has been approved and is published by Amazon early next month!

lily flower, lily pad, water, still, quite, meditation, mindfulness, water, reflection


  1. Weekly Meditation Mandalas, 52 Mindful Messages
  2. Weekly Meditation Mandalas Colouring Companion, 52 Mindful Pages
  3. Weekly Meditation Mandalas Colouring Patterns, 52 Mindful Pages – Coming Soon, Dec 2020!

Oracle Decks

  1. Weekly Meditation Mandalas, 52 Mindful Messages

Spirit Animals, Herbal Lore and Crystal Healing Series

This will be both a book and oracle deck series based of my Free Oracle Cards. I am planning on expanding each of the separate themes, i.e., Spirit Animals, Herbs and Crystals into 24 cards/subjects each (i.e., 72 cards/subjects in total for the series). I will then write a book and create a set of oracle cards for each – a lot of work ahead of me here. I am very much in the conceptualising stage and I don’t even have a name for the series yet! LOL! Thus, I predict these to start making an appearance towards 2022…?

crystals, cloth, altar, arrangement, quartz, stones, gem

I will likely have a few other once-off books and/or decks between these and potentially on unrelated topics – just to give me something else to work on and to give me new inspiration for the other projects… so keep your eyes peeled! πŸ‘€

Happy Reading!

All Natural Spirit

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