Crystal Grid Layout 1#: Chakra Balancing Seed of Life Design – Free Downloads

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Way back when I started All Natural Spirit in 2016; my very first business concept was to provide physical spirituality based products, which included snow quartz sourced from my own backyard bushveld as well as other handmade items.

Alas this did not take off and I had to re-imagine ANS. It took a couple of tries including years of research and determined focus on the things that gave me the most joy to create and spend my time on. Eventually this lead to my various my Oracle Decks (see the end of the post for links) as well as my RedBubble Art Store and now my Top 50 Amazon Bestseller Arcane Book(s).

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Crystal and Gemstone Vectors on All Natural Spirit’s Canva Creator Profile

I was going through some old posts that I had converted back to drafts from the early days of ANS. I rediscovered my crystal grid post and I remembered all the hard work and research that went into them. There are some really great grid ideas and since becoming a certified Crystal Healer I decided to dust off these old posts and add a few new things to give them renewed life!

For more information about Crystal Healing – see my The Science of Crystal Healing & Gemstone Therapy post.

Crystal Grids & Sacred Geometry

Crystal grids are used to arrange crystals and other symbolic objects into geometric patterns for a specific personal purpose. The objects arranged on the grid are more powerful than the separate components alone. The whole becomes more than the sum of its parts, especially when combined with your own personal intentions.

Crystal grids are often used for crystal healing and the laying of stones. They are also used for protective purposes when placed in the home, such as in an entrance way or an office space.

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Crystal Clairvoyance 1: The 10 Stone Healing Method

Geometry plays an important part in the crystal grid layout. This creates synergistic and harmonic energy focused for a specific purpose, such as healing, protection and projection.

Sacred geometry provides a myriad of layout ideas and inspiration for crystal grids. Combining sacred geometry and crystals is not only a powerful way of grid creation, but they are visually striking designs that can act as grounding tools during meditation.

Free Downloads

Here is a Free Downloadable PDF file with 3 different sacred geometry patterns to get you started with crystal grid layouts! It includes high resolution images of the seed of life, flower of life and metatron’s cube!

Sacred Geometry, Seed of Life, Flower of Life, Metatron's Cube

Sacred Geometry Patterns for Crystal Grid Layouts High Res PDF

My Personal Crystal Grid

All Natural Spirit Hand Inked Crystal Grid Seed of Life
All Natural Spirit
Hand Inked Crystal Grid
Seed of Life

This crystal grid was one of the first healing tools that I created for myself. It is a hand inked crystal grid on a large wooden placemat (25 cm length x 23 cm width x 3 cm thickness, rounded square).

It features the Seed of Life, which an ancient and sacred geometrical shape, made up of seven interlinked circles in six fold symmetry. The Seed of Life has been used in many cultures as protective symbols and has been extensively used throughout history from ancient coinage to decorative imperial architecture.

It is the progenitor of the Flower of Life (a hexagonal pattern of 13 – 19 interlinked circles). The Seed of life represents one of the Universal Symbols as it is present in every living and non-living entity in the universe. Atoms, which are always in vibrational motion make up the universe and are able to arrange themselves into regular lattices (i.e., regular structures), such as is depicted by the Seed – and the Flower of Life.

Thus, using a Seed of Life design in a crystal grid structure adds to its symbolic meaning and metaphysical power by integrating the energies and intentions of the crystals, the user and the grid.

Chakra Balancing | Seed of Life Grid

All Natural Spirit Hand Inked Crystal Grid Flower of Life Chakra
All Natural Spirit
Hand Inked Crystal Grid
Flower of Life Chakra

The Central Anchor

A single clear quartz or snow quartz crystal is placed in the centre as the universal enery source to interlink the other crystals as well as cleansing any negative energy from the chakra centres.

The Lower Triad – Root, Sacral & Solar Plexus

The lower chakra triangle is represented by the inner most circle where crystals are placed on the junctions/nodes with Red Jasper, Orange Carnelian and Yellow (or Gold) Tiger-eye. These crystals represent the root, sacral and solar plexus charkras.

The lower triangle connects with earthly plane of existence and contains the following chakras:

  1. Root
    • Represents Personal Security
    • Associated with the colour Red
  2. Sacral
    • Represents Emotions & Pleasure
    • Associated with the colour Orange
  3. Solar Plexus
    • Represents Will power & Identity of Self
    • Associated with the colour Yellow
Amethyst, Cluster, Generator, Collection, February, Birthstone, Sticker Set, Bujo, Witch, Wicca, Journal, Planner, Bullet Journal, Crystal Healing, Crystal
Amethyst Cluster Generator Collection | February Birthstone Sticker Set

The Heart Connector

The Heart is the pivot between the upper and lower triangles, which connects their life force through the universal energy of love. It is associated with the colour Green and Chrysoprase is used as the connector here.

The Upper Triad – Throat, Third Eye & Crown

The upper triangle is represented by the outer circle with Blue Lace Agate and Amethyst.

The upper triangle includes the following chakras:

  1. Throat
    • Represents Expression & Listening
    • Associated with the colour Blue
  2. Third Eye
    • Represents Psychic/Experience of the Truth
    • Associated with the colour Purple
  3. Crown
    • Represents Connection to the Divine/Higher Consciousness
    • Associated with White

The outer triangle contains the Throat and Third Eye. The Crown chakra is used as the Central Anchor, represented by the clear/snow quartz crystal in the middle of the grid in order to liberate the other chakra centres into the light and into the spiritual plane.

Chakra Crystal Grid Seed Of Life All Natural Spirit
Chakra Crystal Grid
Seed Of Life Diagram
by All Natural Spirit

I hope you find peace and light using this grid! There are two more layouts on their way!

-Good Vibes-

All Natural Spirit

I have a PhD in the Biological Sciences and am a certified Crystal Healing Practitioner with the Sunshine Academy of Metaphysics.

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Celestial Rune Sigils – Elder Futhark Bind runes

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