Free Art Wallpapers 4#: Flower Background Downloads for Desktop and Mobile

To create a bit of atmosphere I would suggest listening to Chen Yue’s haunting rendition of  Arash Ghomeishi’s ‘Flowers in a Riot of Colour’ with the piano and chinese bamboo flute (Dizi).

Chen Yue – Flowers in A Riot of Color

On that note: Here is a series of 100% hand coloured Flowers and Botanical images for some summer month inspiration! You are more than welcome to use these for desktop and/or mobile wallpapers!


Poppy Carnival
Snow Orchids
Chrysanthemum albens
The Ballerina
Paradise Hibiscus Quote
Paradise Hibiscus Cropped

All the art pieces on this page are derivative works from colouring pages/books and thus are protected under a CC-by-NC 3.0 licence. Therefore they can only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes. Please consider giving attribution to All Natural Spirit ( when used for purposes other than personal wallpapers. Thanks!


Please feel free to share & care any comments or questions!

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