7 Day Positivity Challenge: Gratefulness Day 2

Here is my Day 2 Gratefulness Note

You are free to share my gratefulness note! First Post for the #7DayPositivityChallenge Gratefulness Day 1

#7DayPositivityChallenge – Gratefulness

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Guidelines Recap

  1. Get yourself a sticky note, piece of paper, journal, digital canvas – whatever you feel like as long as you can put this piece of paper or image somewhere where you would see it everyday.
  2. Next get you ink pens, coloured pencils or digital wands!
  3. Jot down every day for the next seven days what you are grateful for. Do at least one a day, if you are feeling up to it then do more!
  4. Stick your gratefulness thought on your computer screen/fridge or put in your diary or as wallpaper on your mobile phone! Make sure you can see them and appreciate them for the remainder of the challenge!
  5. Share your gratefulness thoughts with others to spread the love and include the hashtag #7DayPositivityChallenge! You’ll see mine on my Facebook Page!

If you are feeling particularly creative then draw/paint/doodle a design that is themed, abstract or even has rainbow unicorns! Here is a downloadable template based on my minimalist gratefulness thought below for some inspiration. Alternatively, you can simply use my template as-is and add your own thought in the space provided!

You can join the challenge at any time, just try to post at least one thought every day for 7 consecutive days thereafter and start a trend! Don’t forget to share since #SharingIsCaring!

Tomorrow will be my Day 3 of Gratefulness!

Positive Vibes to You!

All Natural Spirit

Please feel free to share & care any comments or questions!

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