The Big Blah & The Evolution of Spirit

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20 March 2020, 05h49:
Autumn Equinox for the Southern Hemisphere

Today is the autumn equinox – it is the day of the year where the hours of light and night are equal for both the Southern and Northern Hemispheres. In the south this marks the first day of Autumn, whereas in the North it signals the first day of Spring.

The autumn equinox is connected to the element of Air. Air is a wild and unruly element, constantly shifting. We most notably see this change in the physical environment with the cooling temperatures and the change in seasonal colours. However, we sometimes underestimate the power of the natural world’s queues for change that drives change in our own inner worlds. Should this call be strong enough, it is likely time to reset our sails to follow where the winds of change take us, without fear. Thus, this leads to our main theme of today’s article.

I did not have a specific topic planned for this year’s March Equinox, but I do feel the need for some musings and ramblings.

So, lately I have been caught up in the ‘big blah’ – it is probably the best way I can describe it. That feeling of being stuck and bored, like something has to change, something needs to change… an inner restlessness because of inaction.

This lead me to taking a bit of a step back and re-evaluation everything that is All Natural Spirit at the moment – a little bit of blogger introspection. Likely a good idea given this is a spiritual blog, no?

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All Natural Spirit actually started as a blog for meditation advise, but this never really took off and later I found several fantastic meditation blogs/websites where the writers ran these websites as part of their livelihoods – they were full time meditation bloggers and I am not able to compete with that. Hence, this initiated the first evolution of ANS towards more spiritually inclined blog to write of things a bit more unique and unusual – things that can take time, things that need time to properly develop (and would not require 3 post a day type of maintenance, I simply can’t write at that pace! LOL!).

This lead me through a more symbolic journey with the writing of my Free Oracle Cards, which were fun and interesting for a few months but their appeal kind of dried up after a while. I think this has both to do with me growing beyond this project and also feeling like these cards mostly got attention because they were free. It just felt that if you’re not willing to give away these things that you uniquely conceive and create then very few are really, truly interested… I remember Benebell also writing extensively on this topic (How Giving Are People & My Video Experiments @ BeneBell). Another evolution has been sparked.

I find myself caught (yet again) in that lull of the transition phase, where I want to do something new, different, more … but I haven’t quite figured it out yet. Something more in the direction of art, but not solely art… it can be very frustrating ‘to be caught up in the air’ so to speak.

So perhaps the answer lies in an objective look at what I want to do rather than what the ‘world/society’ pushes me towards; like working on projects that I don’t really want to and then having to give this away for free simply to get one-time page views… hmm, no, I think I should I stay on this route then I may have lost the plot. A route that leads to false happiness as the Buddhist masters would say… a valid point to keep in mind indeed… it is a far too fake and an empty existence for me, for All Natural Spirit.

Perhaps I am feeling restless due to the change in season, and potentially the big changes I have planned in my personal life as well. Perhaps it is the knowing of the big social and economic changes ahead due to the outbreak of COVID-19. But I feel that ANS seeks another jump in its own speciation. In order to evolve onto its next step on the spiritual ladder? Adapt or risk stagnation…

My frog spirit animal would also remind me that “Change is the only constant in life”. Time to embrace that, as I have done so many times before and likely will do multiple times again in the future. I for one have never been able to cling to the old and that which does not serve your authentic self, especially when it comes at the cost of your peace. After all we grow and expand as people, so should our ideas, art, writing, blogs and spirit!

Thus, changes here are imminent and I am curious to see where they’ll lead…

Embracing the winds of change

All Natural Spirit

Please feel free to share & care any comments or questions!

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