Free Art Wallpapers 2#: Mandala Background Downloads for Desktop and Mobile

Mandalas are spiritual symbols from Hinduism and Buddhism that represent the universe and the transient nature of life. They are often created with various coloured sands by Tibetan Monks as a visual aid during meditation. You can read more about Mandalas @ Wikipedia.

On that note: Here is a series of 100% hand coloured Mandalas for some mid-month inspiration! You are more than free to use these as desktop or smartphone wallpapers!


Iced Rainbow Mandala
Rainbow First Nation
Feathers, Swirl, Mandala, Art, Design, Free, Wallpaper, hand colored, hand coloured, Background, Download, Mobile, Desktop
Swirl of Feathers
Kaleidoscope Mandala

All the art pieces on this page are derivative works from colouring pages/books and thus are protected under a CC-by-NC 3.0 licence. Therefore they can only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes. Please consider giving attribution to All Natural Spirit ( when used for purposes other than personal wallpapers. Thanks!


Please feel free to share & care any comments or questions!

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