Herbal Lore #5: Resurrection Plant – Free Oracle Card

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Tips on Herbal Lore & Magick

My fifth free herb lore oracle card! The Resurrection plant is an inhabitant of extreme environments where it endures high solar irradiation and great day-night temperature fluctuations. It is a survivor and reminds us to be hopeful during the most difficult of times. The information sheet contains its taxonomic classification, native distribution, medicinal and magickal properties! I explain some practical uses for the Resurrection plant and how it can be used during personal rituals to bring hope to any situation.

Tip: The Resurrection plant revives mostly through water uptake from its roots! Thus, buy dehydrated plants instead of cuttings for cultivation purposes! 

I have two downloadable files here for personal and non-commercial use (click links blow). You can use the cards for readings, but the production of them as a deck or individual cards for selling is not permitted. Print out & enjoy! There are more flash cards to come!

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Free Oracle Cards of 2017 by All Natural Spirit PDF Pack (9 cards):

Free Oracle Cards of 2018 by All Natural Spirit PDF Pack (9 cards):

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All Natural Spirit

I have a PhD in the Biological Sciences and am a certified Crystal Healing Practitioner with the Sunshine Academy of Metaphysics.

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